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The Payment Processing Roundup.

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

What is payment processing?

A payment processor is a company that handles non-cash transactions between a merchant and a customer. The payment processor records, authorizes and disburses the funds from the customer to the merchant/seller.

Do I need a payment processor for in person payments?

Yes, if you are accepting credit/debit card payments you will need to use a payment processor to accept and transfer payments. Accepting payment in person can be extremely easy with companies like Helcim (Our #1 Recommendation). With their easy to set up account and their wireless card reader, you can begin processing payments same day.

The Helcim Card Reader is completely wireless and connects directly to your Helcim Payments app where you can initiate and view your transactions.

This means you can use it at your checkout like a traditional terminal setup or take it on the go for mobile payments at trade shows or other instances where you need payments on the go. Customers can pay however they want with the card reader, whether it's through tap-to-pay, card chip, swipe, pin-pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

You can read more about Helcim why they are the best payment processor by clicking Here.

What is the best way to accept credit cards?

Create an account with Helcim. You can apply for an account within minutes. You will have access to their Payments App. Here you can

  • Manage Products and Services

  • Access Transaction Information

  • View and Create Invoices

  • Send Digital Receipts

  • Review Customer Information

  • Sync the App With Your Other Devices

  • Track Your Inventory

  • Access Reports and Business Insights

As mentioned earlier, if you are accepting in-person payment you can order the Helcim Card Reader. You can learn more about this in the question above.

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