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Helcim Review - The Best Payment Processor 

For Small And Medium Sized Businesses. Here's Why....

Helcim Review & Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor
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 Choosing the right payment processor is a critical decision for your business. It can be the gateway to thousands of dollars a month saved, or in many cases, thousands of dollars a month lost. I mean, it's your money. You don't want to put your money in the hands of any random business that pops up on google. Thankfully, you have us, and we have the privilege of bringing you guys Helcim, the industries most customer oriented, trusted, easy to use and affordable payment processing company. Don't believe me? Read some of their customer reviews. You can also take a look at what the industry has to say:

Helcim Review - Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor
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complete payment solution

Before we go on, lets answer some common questions...


Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor

Payment gateways are used to process payments on the internet. Payment processors, on the other hand, are responsible for processing credit card transactions by either electronically transferring funds from your customer’s account or delivering a paper check to the individual who made the purchase.

Do I need a payment processor for in person payments?

Yes, if you are accepting credit/debit card payments you will need to use a payment processor to accept and transfer payments. Accepting payment in person can be extremely easy with companies like Helcim (Our #1 Recommendation). With their easy to set up account and their wireless card reader, you can begin processing payments same day.


Now onto the good stuff...

A Complete Payment Solution

Helcim describes themselves as a payments company at their core and their comprehensive payment solutions reflect this. Whether you’re looking to accept payments online or in-person, Helcim has a complete suite of payment tools designed for your business. For in-person payments, Helcim offers the Helcim Card Reader which we review in more detail below. For online payments, you have a lot of different ways to accept payments at no extra charge for using their tools. You can utilize Helcim’s Virtual Terminal for payments over the phone, setup hosted payment pages on your website, send invoices or payment requests, or go the ecommerce route and create a fully-hosted online store.


No matter what combination of tools you’re using to accept payments, all of your account information is synced in the cloud so you can stay up to date on how your business is doing, review your transaction history, accept payments from anywhere, manage customer information, and send invoices all from one place.

Custome Care
Customer Care

Imagine having the luxury of picking up the phone and immediately getting into contact with a live human being about your issue? I mean, not having to scroll around looking for a phone number, just to get directed to a support center with "helpful articles" that just don't get the job done. (*Cough Cough...Square). Sounds like a dream come true, right? Helcim actually has people ready to answer your calls who are not only knowledgeable about Helcim, but the payments industry as a whole. They have a dedicated team of very customer oriented individuals and their customer reviews often refer to them going the extra mile for their merchants.. Their website is loaded with articles about the industry, trends, updates and so much more. Hell, these guys even have a vlog and Youtube channel full of helpful, educational content. You can check that out here

Rates And Pricing
Rates And Pricing

Helcim's Interchange Plus Pricing is very unique and is one of the main reasons you should consider them, as it’s generally regarded as the most affordable and transparent way to accept credit cards. To begin with, your first three month are on them. That's right, no monthly fee for the first three months. After that, you pay a flat fee of $20/month to access all the features and tools Helcim has to offer, including invoicing, product management, an online store, customer management, payment requests, and a virtual terminal. All of this with absolutely no hidden fees or contracts. What's unique about this pricing plan is their volume based processing fee discounts, best explained by this chart:

Helcim Pricing | Helcim Review | Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor
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Essentially, the higher the credit card volume being processed, the lower your rates are. This method offers you a great deal of savings, especially when compared with flat-rate pricing offered by industry giants like Stripe and Square. Here is an example of just how much you can save:

Helcim Vs Square Pricing | Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor

On the chart you can see once you reach $2,400 in monthly credit card volume being processed, the savings begin. Those savings don't stop after that. Your discounts keep increasing up until you've reached $5 Million+ in monthly credit card volume. The savings Helcim offers you are unmatched in the payment processing industry.


While many processors will make promises that may entice businesses to lock themselves into long-term contracts, Helcim is completely transparent about what you pay, and that's what makes them so special. They offer no contracts and no hidden fees. That means absolutely no: 

  • Set-up fees

  • Cancellation Fees

  • Quarterly Fees

  • PCA and Non-Compliance Fees

  • Bank Deposit Fees

  • Customer Service Fees

Card Reade And Payments App
Card Reader and Payments App​

Looking to accept payments in person? With Helcim's wireless card reader and application for desktop, mobile and tablet, it's never been easier. 

Helcim Card Reader | Helcim Review  & Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor
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Card Reader

The Helcim Card Reader is completely wireless and connects directly to your Helcim Payments app where you can initiate and view your transactions. This means you can use it at your checkout like a traditional terminal setup or take it on the go for mobile payments at trade shows or other instances where you need payments on the go. Customers can pay however they want with the card reader, whether it's through tap-to-pay, card chip, swipe, pin-pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Helcim Payments App

The Helcim Payments app is downloadable on your smartphone, tablet or desktop and is available on both IOS and Android. It connects directly to your card reader and all of your transaction are visible on this. Within this app you can also:

  • Manage Products and Services

  • Access Transaction Information

  • View and Create Invoices

  • Send Digital Receipts

  • Review Customer Information

  • Sync the App With Your Other Devices

  • Track Your Inventory

  • Access Reports and Business Insights

The Payments app also has a Point-of-Sale feature. This is what you are viewing on your desktop/tablet when your customers are checking out. The Point-of-Sale feature allows you to:

  • View and select the products in your catalog 

  • Automatically track inventory

  • Manage Discount Codes

  • Automate tax's

  • Manage email invoices

  • Manage Employees

  • View Sales Reports

and so much more. 

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Incredible Features Worth Noting

Ready to get started with Helcim? With their fast and easy sign up, you'll have your account ready in minutes. Click below to get started!

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