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Why Wix Is The Best Website Builder And My Personal Choice

+ A Few Alernatives


        Yes, we made this website with Wix. Now, I know what you're thinking.......

When you hear "Wix" you have a flashback to middle school or high school where you had to make a sketchy website for a project. And well.... It probably sucked. 

(You May Also Have Seen Something Like This)

(Or This)


 WEBSITE SPEED:         

           I've read it all. Wix used to be known as the beginners easy way to a website. If you wanted a fast loading blog/site with professional templates and insane seo tools, you'd be a fool for choosing wix. If you take a peak at the dates many of these Wix roasts were published, you'll see a lot of 2018's, 2017's, maybe, just maybe some 2019's. I've got some news folks.... Wix has leveled up BIG TIME.


         The industry standard for loading speeds is about 2 to 3 seconds. Any longer and you've most likely lost a viewer. The average loading speed for this very website is 0.7 seconds. And we contain a large amount of images and content which should be slowing down our loading speed......but it's not. Here's the proof. 

Website Speed


         Enough about speed and fighting the bullies. How's the actual website builder? Well, just like any website builder, Wix has templates. (if you want to use them.) Not only do they have templates, they have 66 pages worth of templates. This is an insane amount. You aren't just locked into using one either. You can chose one, move it around and 100% fully customize them however you'd like.


        Their drag and drop builder is spectacular. Unlike other website builders where you have to chose a template, Wix is literally 100% customizable. You can put any shape, dot, color, text, image, button, form, etc wherever you want. It's truly unmatched. 

website builder

Looking To Run An Ecommerce Store?

        Wix's ecommerce platform averages around 4.5 stars across the internet. It's review consistently keep it ranked up there witht he top gun, Shopify. Not only is it cheaper than shopify, but it shares many of the same features and more. Here are just some


For DropShipping:

- Built in Spocket Supplier

- Import Your Store From Other Platform

- Sell Through Modalyst

- Sell Print On Demand Through Printful and Printify

- Hundreds Of Downloadable Apps


General Ecom Features

- Order Fulfillment

- Many Packeging, Shipping, Tax and Tracking Features Built In

- Sell Through Ebay And Google Shopping

- Promotional Features Such As Video Creation, Email Marketing, Coupons + More

Google Adsense Built In

         You want to run other companies ads on your website to generate another source of income? It couldn't be easier with Wix. Wix has a downloadable Google Adsense app that allows you to literally drag and drop exactly where you want the Adsense ads to show up on your website. This saves a lot of hassel that usually comes with running adsense on you store. You can read more about this here:


       One of the oldest complaints of Wix was its ability to incorporate SEO. They said with their slow loading pages and lack of seo tools it was impossible to show up on google. With loading page speed totally debunked, lets take a look at their upraded SEO tools, or what they call "SEO Wiz". 

ecomerce store
google adsense

         These tools couldn't be easier to use. It takes you through optimization steps, starting to registering your site with Google. If you want to register your website you have to do that manually (recommended), but that's no rocket science to figure out. They bring you through, step by step, how to optimize and set up each page to appear on google. You are even given the option to hire an seo expert through Wix. Seo Wix is a very important selling point for Wix and I highly recommend you incorporate it with your site. 

Other Features

- Mobile Optimization

- App Market

- Gallery, Unlimited Fonts, Special Affects

- Corvid (Wix's Development Platform)

- Free Hosting

- Free SSL

- Domain Purchase

- Marketing Tools

- Business Email, Mailbox and Email Management

- Wix Live Chat For Your Site

- Social Tools

- Wix Music

- Google Calender Sync

- So So So Much More

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