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Best CBD Brands 2020 


#1 Green Roads

#2 Diamond CBD

#3 CBD BioCare

#4 NuLeaf Naturals

#5 Just CBD


            If you take a trip back, CBD really didn't become well known or popular until about 2018. Rumors of this weird "weed juice" offering many health benefits started circulating back in 2013/2014 but was pushed to the side by most. When the 2018 CBD boom happened, many people rushed and scrambled to become a part of the action and this was when 100's of CBD brands were founded. Well, not Green Roads. Green Roads is the Grandmother of all CBD brands. They saw the vision early and came to life all the way back in 2013. They set the stage for the CBD world. I can attest to the quality of Green Roads. As an avid user of CBD I have personally used many CBD brands, Green Roads being the first. I can say with confidence Green Roads CBD had the greatest effect on me and offered the greatest quality. Many celebrities also can attest to this as well. Green Roads has also won many awards and been featured on NBC, CBS, Forbes and many more trusted networks. 

            Green Roads offers a large quantity of educational resources about CBD so you can learn about the products before you buy. Not only that, you can look up the lab results of your specific desired product right on their websites. They also offer a QR code on your bottle that you can scan and view. This was a very important reason why they took the gold metal. Now, onto the juicy stuff.....


             Green Roads has many products geared towards specific benefits you are looking for. You have your basic oils, oils for better sleep, creams for joint pain, products specifically for relaxation, full spectrum and broad spectrum oils (What are these? Click the link to the right to learn), they even have bath bombs. 



             Their pricing is about at industry average with a 300mg bottle of full spectrum oil coming in at around $45. Green Roads also is constantly sending out coupons offers and currently in running free shipping on orders over $50, so you won't blow your bank account shopping with Green Roads. Their quality is also unmatched, being in the business longer than the competitors, they have been developing nothing but the purist CBD products on the market. Ready to shop with Green Roads? Click link below:         



            Let's cut right to the chase. Diamond CBD has over 600 products on their site. You simply have access to everything CBD you could ever possibly need. They sell both their own products and other high quality brands, so you can find everything you want. Not only that, they also include lab testing reports for EVERY SINGLE one of their 600+ products on their site, proving they only sell the good stuff. Here are their different Product Categories

They even offer subscription packages which automatically ship you your chosen cbd products every week, month or whatever you choose. This option can ultimately save you some money. Diamond CBD also consistently has promo codes running. 


            With over 600 products from multiple different brands, you are given all kinds of pricing and it is no problem finding good products that will not break the bank. The most affordable oils on the site are Diamond CBD branded items, and those 25mg (very low dosage) oils start at just $11.99. Click the button below to take a look at Diamond CBD's killer deals and huge selection"


            What earns CBD Biocare a spot on this list is their customer care and education-based business model and overall user experience. Their whole website is an educational tool loaded with videos, blogs, articles, lab and testing results and so much more. One of the first things you see when you land on their website is this: 

They're there for the customers, not just for the sales and that really goes a long way. 

            Now, let's take a look at their product categories. 

As you can see, CBD BioCare's really focuses on treatment and relief. With that being said, will their pricing give you some relief as well? The smallest sized bottle of full spectrum oil on the site is 500 mg, which comes in at around $65. That is alittle higher than industry average, but again, this is one of the highest qualtiy CBD brands in the industry and you will not be disappointed with your results. They also always have special deals going on. Interested in shopping at CBD BioCare? Click the button below:



            Nuleaf is another veteran of the CBD game being around since 2014. They have a very clean, easily navigated website with emphasized trust. They really want you to understand the quality of their products. They offer lab results as well as this on their homepage: 

Now let's get to their products.....well, the 3 of them. 

Nuleaf Naturals definitely went the quality over quantity route, and that's not a bad thing. Their CBD Oil is loaded with 4.5 - 5 star reviews. They've been in the game for a while and have used that time and experience to really generate some of the most trusted, highest quality CBD oils + capsules around. 


             The smallest/cheapest bottle available is a 300 mg bottle with 30 mg per serving for $38.50. If you are interested in shopping with Nuleaf Naturals use the button below:

#5 Just CBD


              Just CBD earns a spot on this list due to their incredible range of products that are all theirs. They are not a marketplace like Diamond CBD, Just CBD only sells their own products, and their categories are awesome. 

Wow, bathbombs, sugar free gummies, VEGAN gummies.... Just CBD thought of every possible customer when developing their products.They are also one of the most affordable brands with 250mg bottle of full spectrum cbd oil coming in at around $28. Let me also remind you they offer lab results for all of these products as well. They also offer both a US and Europe office which is great. If you are interested in shopping with Just CBD click the button below:

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