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Fastest VPN 2020

Who are the fastest VPN's?

This is a subject with scattered test results all over the web. Many factors including location, server and type of speed measured are significant factors confusing those all over the web. We went in depth to find the most consistent speed results from the most trusted companies around the world.

We came to a single conclusion... NordVPN is the fastest and will be the fastest VPN for a while.

So, you were looking for a list?....

Well, with the factors measuring a VPN's speed are so inconsistent around the world, no matter the research put in it is near impossible to rank a top 5.

But.... it is VERY obvious who the fastest is.


NordVPN has incorporated a newly developed security system not yet used by other VPN's and it puts them over the top by far.

NordVPN uses the new Wireguard protocal. This replaces previous protocols such as Open VPN (the most common), IKev2, L2TP and more.

Wireguard's speeds came in at about 58% faster than Open VPN....that's kind of a lot.

You can see for yourself:

(Source: Restore Privacy)

Wireguard is the future of digital security

and well...

NordVPN hopped on that train early and it's paying off.

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