Best VPN's 2020

And Why They're So Awesome

(Affordable, Fast Options)

Before we get started, you may have some questions...

What is a VPN?


A VPN Is a virtual private network. This allows you to encrypt your data and safely browse on public internet while masking your IP Address so your location and browsing history aren't linked to your identity.

Why Should I Use a VPN?


If you value your protection and privacy of your personal information on the internet than a VPN would be perfect for you. Benefits include browsing form servers in different countries/locations, masking your IP address, faster internet speed (in some cases), prevents hacking, no activity logs, bypassing blocks and much more.

Can you be tracked if you use VPN?


No, your VPN completely masks your IP address and your browsing history so all of your data is totally encrypted.

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#1 VPN City

VPN City is hands down the best bang for your buck. Not for nothing, they were fairly late in the game, being founded in 2012 and they have already landed a partnership with Netflix, the largest streaming platform in the world. Their pricing is stellar for their reputation. Check out their pricing below:

Paying just $2.99/month is outrageous considering you get incredible features such as:

- Unlimited Streaming

- Availability On All Platforms

- Ability To Connect Up To 12 Devices

- Mobile Security

- No Login Policy

- Live 24/7 Customer Service Chat

- Allows Torrenting

- Worldwide Networks located in Australia, Japan, Singapore, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Serbia, Sweden, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Luxembourg, Hungary, Czech Republic, Panama, Peru, Uruguay


** Plus a 30 day money back guarantee

You may be saying to yourself, "That's great, but is the internet fast?" VPN City's speed test came in right around all of the top competitors with speeds capable of 350mbps. That's pretty darn fast. But , it averaged just 60 mbps, which still, is pretty darn fast.

Want To Learn More About VPS City? Or You Already Have Your Credit Card Ready? Click Below:

#2 Express VPN

Express VPN is the perfect match for those a little less price sensative and simply looking for the fastest, most secured and most flawless user experience out there. With that being said, you will not need to take out a loan to pay off these prices, they are still very affordable. The pricing is as follows:


The features you get for $8.32/month are outstanding being express VPN  is a top tier VPN company. These features include, but are not limited to:

- 30 Day Risk Free Money Back Guarentee

- 24/7 Live Chat Customer Service

- Apps For Devices: Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Linux, Routers, Google Chromebook and Kindlefire 

- Browser Extensions For: Google Chrome And FireFox

- Express VPN For TV Systems: Smart TV's, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Chromecast and Nvidia Shield

- Express VPN For Game Consoles: Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

- Unmatched Security

- Doesn't Log Your Activity

- Allows Torrenting

All these are great and all, but lets take a look at this speed. 

Express VPN recorded an average speed of 106 mbps, coming in first place by almost 30 mbps in 2019(Sheesh!). In 2020 it came in second place but still works at an average speed of 106 pbps. Interested in giving Express VPN a shot? Click Below:

#3 NordVPN

Nord VPN was founded in 2012 and has expanded dramatically fast with over 5000 servers in 59 countries. They are probably the most well-known VPN server and for good reasons. They have been mentioned in many big named reads such as the Huffington Post, Forbes, Buzzfeed and more. They have exceptional pricing as well:


With the crazy high brand awareness Nord VPN has, it blows my mind how low they keep their pricing, but that's why they secured a solid rank at #3. With this low pricing you get nothing but high quality features. These features include. 

- Easy To Use

- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

- 2nd Fastest Speed Results 

- One Account For All Devices

- Up To 6 Devices (Why Nord VPN Isn't Ranked Higher)

- Compatible With:  Mac, Windows, Ios, Android, Linux and your Wifi Router

- Doesn't Log Your Activity 

- No live Chat


So, remember that Usain Bolt of VPN's that stole Express VPN's title? Ya, that was Nord VPN. With an average speed of 115 mbps, Nord VPN is a speedy, affordable option. Want to learn more about or try Nord VPN? Click the button below:

#4 IPVanish

 IPVanish is another young one being founded in 2012. It's headquarters are located in Orlando, Florida. IPVanish is a safe, secure and rather speedy option with 1,300 servers across 75 different countries. The grand selling point for IPVanish is the fact they allow unlimited devices to be connected on one account. With that being said, let's take a look at their pricing:


So...... unlimited devices, $3.25/month....not too shabby! What else will this $3.25/month get you?

- Full Incognito Web Surfing.... Absolutely No Logging

- Avoid Censorship Filters

- Available File Backup

- 24/7 Support

- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

- Apps Available For All Devices + Wifi Routers

- High Security with  256 Bit AES Encryption

- IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec VPN Protocols

- Much More

With good pricing, some of the best security and storage around, why is IPVanish Ranked #4. IPVanish isn't slow by any means, but cannot match the speed of top 3 competitors. When researching speed tests and results I found nothing but inconsistent speeds across the globe. This could be due to there being less servers across the globe than its competitors. Will your connectin with IPVanish be slow and laggy? No, you will still have a solid and secure experience. Want to learn more about IPVanish? Click the link below:

#5 Strong VPN

Strong VPN squeezed it's spot on this list not for its speed, not for its awareness, but for its experience and loyalty. Strong VPN is one of the oldest VPN's out there, being founded in 1995 in Dallas, Texas. They've built up their reputation over 25 years of trust. They've even been mentioned in popular reads such as The New York Times, TechRadar, PC World And Many More. Strong VPN has over 950 servers in over 30 countries. They also have a longer list of features than any other VPN I could find. Their pricing is shown below:

Strong VPN comes in at about $5.83 a month if you choose the year package, which is pretty good for the trust and other features you get with them. Other features include:

- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

- 4.8 Trust Pilot Score

- Availability On All devices And Your Wifi Router

- 24/7 Live Chat

- Consistent Promo Codes/ Coupon Offers

- VPN Routers

- Cloud Storage

- Up To 12 Devices 

- WireGuard®, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec, And IKEv2 Protocols

- No Logging

- Option To Chose Your Server (Best Location)

- Many More Customize able Features On The App

While in the hunt for speed tests, I did not come across much. Many reports and reviews simply stating those were satisfied with the speed and that Strong VPN remained fast even with 12 devices connected, which shows its servers are reliable. I eventually stumbled upon a report stating the average browsing speed was somewhere around 71 mbps, which is above the industry average and definitely deserves a spot with the top dogs. The only thing holding Strong VPN back from ranking higher is its lack of servers across the globe. If you are in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or most high popoulated areas, you should have no problems. Overall, Strong VPN deserves it's name with having strong trust, support, speed and reputation. If you want to give Strong VPN a shot click the button below:

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